Registering a Trailer

We are often asked to clarify the rules around the registration of trailers in Spain and in particular what types of trailers need to be registered here in Spain, the documentation required along with the registration process and the time it takes.


Firstly, if you have an unbraked trailer that has a maximum permitted mass (MMA) of 750 kg or less then it does not have to be registered in Spain and can be used by any vehicle that has an authorised tow bar. For braked trailers and those with a maximum permitted mass greater than 750 kg, registration is always required and they will be issued with a red number plate with black lettering that starts with the letter R for Remolque.


You'll find the maximum permitted mass on the manufacturer plate or on line F.1 on the trailer registration document if you have one.


It's also essential to check that the trailer you want to register has European Type Approval or the trailer may not be able to be registered in Spain or have to undergo an expensive lab test, unless you are registering the trailer as part of a change of residency. You'll also be able to check if your trailer has EU Type Approval on the manufacturer / VIN plate.


As you'd expect, trailers requiring registration will need to be tested at an authorised ITV station and will need the correct technical paperwork in the form of a European Certificate of Conformity or a Ficha Reducida along with the trailer registration documentation.


If you have a UK registered trailer then it's likely that you won't have a registration document for it, but it is possible to get one from DVLA and is a step that you will have to carry out before you can register the trailer in Spain.


When you register a trailer in the UK, the date of first registration will be the date that DVLA register the trailer which brings another complication, as EU Type Approval on UK vehicles is no longer recognised in Spain, post Brexit. To get round this issue you will need a letter from either the trailer manufacturer or the dealer that sold the trailer confirming the date the trailer was first used on the road and this date must be before Brexit.


Once registered, you'll be issued with two documents for your trailer similar to car documentation and you must keep these with the trailer for inspection by the police or Guardia Civil if stopped.


As with all registrations, trailers can be complicated to register on to Spanish plates so we would always recommend speaking to a professional registration company in the first instance to establish if your trailer can be imported and to provide you with accurate pricing.


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