Benefits of Cost Effective Vehicle Import from UK to Spanish Registration

There are many benefits to importing your UK registered car onto Spanish Plates. One of the most obvious benefits is that you will be fully compliant with Spanish Law and be able to enjoy the peace of mind that brings, but there are many other advantages to consider, some of which we list below:

Cheaper Insurance

Unlike the UK, when you insure your vehicle in Spain, you are insuring the car and as such, this usually allows any driver over the age of 25 to drive your car with the same cover you have yourself, so you don't need to have named drivers. Additionally, your children over the age of 18 are usually covered too. It's also usually cheaper to insure Spanish Registered Cars.

Free Breakdown Cover

In Spain, it's forbidden to tow a car on the highway so most insurance companies will automatically include breakdown recovery and therefore there's usually no need to take out a separate policy with a third party company. If you're unfortunate enough to break down, all you need to do is to call your insurance company and they will send a recovery truck to pick you up. From personal experience, they arrive very quickly and if they cannot get you going they'll recover your vehicle to your destination of choice.



Spanish Cars are expensive!

You may very well have noticed already that both new and used Spanish Cars are much more expensive than in the UK, even allowing for fluctuations in the exchange rate. In almost all circumstances it's cheaper to pay the import taxes and administration fees than to buy the same spec car in Spain.

You know your Car's History

It's an often forgotten benefit keeping the same car that you know and have maybe driven for several years. You'll not have to worry about the history and reliability of a car you don't know as is the case when purchasing a second hand or used vehicle.

Cheaper Road Tax

Almost all classes of motor vehicle have cheaper road tax in Spain than in the UK so there is an immediate saving to be had here too. We'll let you know how much the Spanish Road Tax will be as part of the import process.

A Test Every 2 Years

Forget the hassle of driving your car back to the UK once a year for it's annual MOT and having to sort out the insurance and Road Tax. Here in Spain, for cars up to 10 years old you only need to take a test every two years, and it's cheaper than a UK MOT too!


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