What You Need To Know - about Importing Your Vehicle

Car Registrations Spain provides a cost effective way to import your UK car on to Spanish Number Plates with the minimum of fuss. We'll make sure your car is imported legally onto Spanish Registration Plates and at an affordable price. We'll manage all aspects of the import process for you, taking care of all the paperwork and we'll provide you with receipts for all taxes paid to the various Spanish agencies.

Fixed Price

We'll provide you with a FREE, No Obligation Quotation before we start and agree a price with you so that there'll be no surprises for you along the way.


You don't need to pay us all at once but we will need a small amount from you to take care of initial expenses including the required ITV Test, which is the similar to an MOT test in the UK. We will ask you for another payment when taxes become due.

First Steps

The first step is usually taking your vehicle to your local ITV Testing Centre who will perform a thorough test prior to importation. We'll take care of the whole process and all necessary paperwork and you're welcome to accompany us. Do be aware though that waiting times can be 2 hours or more.




If your vehicle should fail the initial ITV Test don't worry, you have 60 days to fix any problems and re-submission is free within this period. We'll organise the retest for you and we can also find you a decent garage to carry out any repairs at a competitive price if required.


We'll take care of all paperwork for you and ensure that your vehicle is legally imported on to the Spanish registration system. We'll make sure that any tax due is correctly paid to the relevant authorities and provide you with relevant receipts for your peace of mind.


When you first contact us, we'll let you know exactly how long the process will take, what paperwork we need from you and we'll also be able to provide you with a fixed price for importing your vehicle, so you'll know exactly where you are at. We'll keep you informed at every stage and provide you with a completely hassle free experience.


Get a Free No Obligation Quotation

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