Headlamp Realignment - for Spanish ITV Import Test

We can realign all UK RHD headlights 

Our team of in-house technicians are specialists in all aspect of headlight realignment and can realign virtually all UK / right hand drive headlamps for European driving and most importantly, to pass the Spanish ITV import test.

BMW 320d has halogen beam headlights re-alignedRange Rover with technicianMechanic inspecting headlight unit from Landrover

Reflector Beam Headlamps - ✅

Reflector beam headlights are concave units, usually with a single, central bulb. The light pattern is formed by the shape of the concave reflector and so consequently they are fairly difficult to realign. Standard UK right hand drive headlights will not pass the Spanish ITV import test as they are "dipped" in the wrong direction, so realignment or replacement is necessary.

We are able to realign virtually ALL Reflector beam headlights with prices starting at just 90 euros per unit.

Projector Beam - ✅

Projector Beam headlights are noted for their convex glass lens, often around the size of a tennis ball. The bulb isn't noticable in this style of headlight as the light pattern is formed behind the lens. We can adjust all Projector Beam headlights with prices starting at 120 euros per unit. Extra discounts are available for our import customers.


LED Headlamps - ✅

LED headlamps are often fitted to high spec, modern vehicles and are usually very expensive to replace, often costing in excess of £1000 per unit. Whilst most vehicle manufacturers cannot realign these headlights, we can realign them at our workshop with prices starting at just 300 euros per unit.

Xenon Headlamps - ✅

Both Xenon and Bi-Xenon Headlights can be realigned at our workshop to ensure that the vehicle will pass it's Spanish import test first time. Once realigned the headlights will be legal in both Europe and the UK. Typical price for realignment of this style of headlamp is 90 euros per unit.

Halogen Headlamps - ✅

Virtually all types of halogen headlamps can be realigned at our workshop far cheaper than brand new or even second hand units, with the added bonus that the headlights will then be legal in both Europe and the UK. Prices for halogen headlamp alignment start at around 90 euros per unit.

Low Beam Headlamps - ✅

Many newer model UK vehicles are now equipped with "low beam" headlights and although this style of headlight will not generally dazzle oncoming vehicles on the opposite side of the road, they will not pass the import test and will need to be replaced or realigned. There is no such thing as a self realigning headlight despite some claims to the contrary on the internet.

We can realign all Low Beam headlights for any vehicle model using the latest laser precision technology. Prices start at just 120 euros per unit.


Extra Discounts for our Import Customers

If you are an new or existing import customer then in addition to our low cost import pricing you'll also be entitled to extra discounts on any workshop services that may be required, such as tyres, tow bar removal / refit and European Headlamp Realigment.



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