Registering an Historic Vehicle

In Spain an historic or classic vehicle has to be a minimum of 30 years old or of special interest culturally. To qualify, the vehicle must not have been substantially modified from its original state and be in a good condition that is in keeping with its original design and manufacture.


There are several benefits to owning an historic vehicle in Spain, including:

  • Insurance - cheaper insurance (although kilometres per year may be limited
  • Road Tax - exemption from road tax in most municipalities
  • Low Emissions Zones - historic vehicles are permitted to enter most ZBE’s
  • ITV - longer intervals between ITV tests
  • ITV Tests

    As noted above, historic vehicles also benefit from a longer interval between ITV tests as follows:

  • Vehicles Under 40 years old - ITV test every 2 years
  • Vehicles From 40 to 45 years old - ITV test every 3 years
  • Vehicles Over 40 years old - ITV test every 4 years
  • Additionally, historic vehicles are not required to have certain elements that are mandatory for modern vehicles if the vehicle wasn't equipped with those elements when it was manufactured.

    Driving Rules

    As you'd expect, all the normal driving rules apply when circulating on Spanish roads including having adequate insurance in place and keeping your ITV up to date and you must also abide by any special rules that are included on the vehicle technical documentation (ficha técnica).

    Speed Limits

    Many historic vehicles have limited top speeds and historic vehicles that cannot achieve 60 km/h cannot be driven on dual carriageways nor motorways.


    If your historic vehicle isn't fitted with adequate lighting that complies with modern regulations it's use will be restricted and you will not be able to circulate between sunset and sunrise.


    Registering or importing an historic vehicle can be a complicated and time consuming process, so we'd definitely recommend that you contact a competent vehicle registration agency who'll be able to manage the registration process for you.


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