Image Gallery - September 2018

Kia Rio outside ITVHyundai i800 outside ITVSuzuki Grand Vitara on new Spanish plates
Kia Rio from Mijas, Malaga passes ITV import test and will be registered on to Spanish number plates. The customer came up to Murcia for the test as obtaining a test appointment in their region was extremely slow. They will now drive back to Malaga with their import test pass certificate - September 2018Hyundai i800 passes import test first time at our test centre in Murcia region and will soon be registered on to Spanish plates. We'd previously imported 2 other cars and a motorbike for this customer and we were able to offer free collection and delivery as part of our service - September 2018Suzuki Grand Vitara has new plates fitted at our workshop. The whole import process including replacement headlamps, removing tow bar, rear fog / reverse light rewire and free vehicle check was carried out within 7 days from start to finish for this happy customer - September 2018
Hyundai i800 being inspectedKia Rio at ITV stationBMW M3 outside ITV
Hyundai i800 people carrier is inspected during import test in Murcia. We'd previously changed the headlights and carried out a free import check for this customer whilst we waited for his new V5C Vehicle Registration Document to arrive from the UK - September 2018Kia Rio on Romanian plates starts it's import test on the weighscale. Our customers drove up to us the day before from Mijas, Malaga and arrived at our workshop the next day at 9am for a free pre-import test inspection prior to test. The vehicle didn't need any work and passed first time - September 2018BMW M3 SMG passes very stringent ITV import test in Murcia. We'd given this vehicle a thorough (and free) pre import check in advance of the test itself, to ensure that this vehicle would pass first time. We'll now register the this car on to Spanish number plates - September 2018
Toyota Rav4 on rampBMW M3 with ITV techniciansToyota Rav 4 below ITV sign
Toyota Rav4 has headlights changed to continental European specification units. We'd previously arranged and fitted green, temporary import plates to this vehicle as it's UK MOT had expired. This allows the vehicle to be driven legally for up to 60 days  - September 2018BMW M3 has stamped VIN number etched by technicians during ITV import test in Murcia. This car arrived with us via vehicle transporter from the UK and once on Spanish plates we will deliver to our customer in Alicante region having enjoyed a complimentary valet - September 2018Toyota Rav4 on temporary import plates waits to be inspected in Murcia. The customer brought this vehicle to us from Valencia City and flew home to Holland whilst we carried out necessary repairs and imported the vehicle on to Spanish number plates - September 2018
Mitsubishi Outlander outside ITVHyundai i30 outside ITVToyota Rav 4 with ITV inspector
Mitsubishi Outlander passes test first time at our test centre in Murcia. We fitted brand new headlights to this vehicle as well as removing the tow bar which wil later be re-fitted and authorised for use with the vehicle as is legally required here in Spain  - September 2018Hyundai i30 passes ITV import test in Murcia at the first attempt. We'd adjusted headlights for this customer just prior to the import test and our engineers checked all test items prior to the actual import test to ensure this customer would leave with a pass certificate - September 2018Toyota Rav4 on UK plates from Valencia City is inspected by ITV technician at our test centre in Murcia. We changed headlights, re-wired the rear fog light using one of the existing light units and fixed an engine management issue on this vehicle prior to test  - September 2018
Peugeot 206cc new platesRange Rover EvoqueHeadlight fitted on Suzuki
Peugeot 206cc convertible has new Spanish "KPF" registration plates fitted a secure airport parking facility in Murcia. Although we started the process whilst the customers were in Spain, the vehicle was registered after they had returned to the UK - September 2018Range Rover Evoque has headlights refitted after adjustment by one of our mechanics. This left hand drive UK registered vehicle had non standard headlights orientated for driving in the UK, which could not be adjusted through the car's onboard computer - September 2018Suzuki Grand Vitara has new headlight fitted at our workshop. For this vehicle the front bumper had to be removed to facilitate removal and insertion. There was evidence of accident damage behind the headlight fitting, but fortunately the customer new about this  - September 2018
Hyundai i30 at ITV stationBMW M3 & Ford MustangMitsubishi Oultander at scale
Hyundai i30 from Alicante region waits for vehicle inspection to start at ITV station in Murcia. We adjusted the headlights and carried out a free pre-import check to ensure that this customer's vehicle would pass the importation test first time - September 2018BMW M3 and Ford Mustang arrive with us on the same day, at our workshop in Murcia. Both vehicles are about to undergo a free pre-import inspection before the actual ITV import test at our local test centre. Our mechanics will censure both vehicles pass first time - September 2018Mitsubishi Outlander from Valencia province is weighed at the beginning of the import test. New import rules that came in to effect this month mean that each axle is weighed individually as well as the vehicle as a whole. Diagnostic tools will also be used on Euro 5 and Euro 6 cars - September 2018
Mercedes SLK at ITVMercedes SLK import testFord Mustang parked
Mercedes SLK on UK plates passes import test in Murcia. The customers drove up to us from Cadiz region and used one of our courtesy cars to explore the area whilst we prepared and tested theirs, which we returned to them the same day - September 2018Mercedes SLK230 from Cadiz undergoes a very stringent Spanish import test at our ITV test centre in Murcia. We supplied and fitted new European spec headlights for this vehicle on the same day as the test whilst the customers used one of our vehicles - September 2018Ford Mustang just arrived from UK on a covered transporter is about to go into our workshop for initial pre-import inspection. This import is far from straight forward but our engineers will ensure everything goes as it should and this vehicle will soon be on Spanish registration plates - September 2018
Ford Mustang on transporterPeugeot 5008 at iTVKia Venga at ITV
Bright green, UK registered Ford Mustang Convertible arrives at our workshop in Murcia, Spain on covered transporter. This ex USA left hand drive vehicle will require an individual homologation test prior to import inspection as it does not have European Type Approval - September 2018Peugeot 5008 left hand drive vehicle on UK plates but formerly registered in Germany undergoes ITV import inspection in Lorca. This customer drove up from Cadiz to use our services to ensure the quickest possible import on to Spanish registration plates - September 2018Kia Venga sails through it's Spanish import test in Murcia. The customer had already sourced and fitted their own headlights and supplied us with all necessary paperwork in advance ensuring a smooth and quick inspection and subsequent registration on to Spanish number plates - September 2018
BMW M3 in queueJersey Registered Mercedes C230KRange Rover Evoque
BMW M3 waits in line to be inspected as part of importation test. We realigned headlights on this vehicle as well as re-cabling rear fog light from right hand rear to left hand side. This also required a new bulb holder unit which we supplied and fitted at our workshop - September 2018Jersey registered Mercedes C230 Kompressor freshly valeted with our compliments, waits for it's new Spanish registration plates to arrive. This vehicle was imported as a change of residency which has the benefit of saving one of the taxes payable during the import process - September 2018Left Hand Drive Range Rover Evoque from United Kingdom undergoes stringent checks during ITV import test in Murcia region. This vehicle wasn't a straightforward import and required specialist reports from our engineer working in conjunction with the manufacturer - September 2018
Range Rover Evoque at ITVNew Spanish plates and documentationJaguar XF Coupe in workshop
Range Rover Evoque waits in line to begin it's import test. We fixed a fuel leak on the new EVAP system on this vehicle prior to import successful import test and also rectified an issue with the stamped chassis number with the manufacturer that would have prevented import - September 2018New Spanish "KPG" registration plates and vehicle documentation pack ready to be despatched to our customer in Malaga region. We collected this Swedish customer's vehicle from Malaga airport, carried out some pre ITV work, imported the vehicle and delivered in time for his arrival - September 2018Jaguar XF has new plates fitted at our workshop in Murcia. We realigned headlights to flat beam pattern and carried out a free pre import check on this vehicle prior to import test as well as arranging retention of customer's private UK registration plate with DVLA - September 2018
Hyundai Sante Fe bonnet openCitroen C4 SXHyundai Santa Fe at ITV
Hyundai Santa Fe from Sweden has it's stamped VIN number checked by technician during import test. An etching or photo is required and all 17 digits from the VIN must be visible. Our customers stopped by for the import test on their way from Sweden to Seville - September 2018Citroen C4 SX from Malaga region passes ITV import test in Murcia. Our customer had already changed the headlights himself so we just supplied, rewired and fitted one rear lens to swap the fog light and reverse lights around to comply with Spanish regulations - September 2018Hyundai Santa Fe on Swedish plates passes import test first time at our test centre in Murcia. We prepared the technical documentation required for import in advance for this customer who stopped by for the import test on their way from Sweden to Seville - September 2018 
Citroen DS5 at ITV test centreCitroen DS5Fiat Freemont with Spanish Plates
Citroen DS5 on UK registration plates and just 6 months old, passes it's test on the first attempt. New rules brought in just a few days earlier meant that this vehicle's diagnostic port was used to inform the test centre of any possible issues - September 2018Citroen DS5 from Malaga region waits in line to begin it's import test. Our customer drove up from Malaga, had the headlights adjusted for free at our workshop and left a few hours later with their import test pass certificate  - September 2018Fiat Freemont 7 Seater has new Spanish registration plates fitted at our workshop in Murcia. This vehicle is left hand drive and was formerly registered in Belgium. Our client has asked to sell this vehicle on their behalf - September 2018 
Lexus SC430Mini Cooper CountrymanHyundai iX35 passes test
Lexus SC430 about to have new acrylic Spanish registration plates fitted at our workshop. We provide a choice of pressed metal plates or acrylic plates as part of the process and these are always included in our pricing - September 2018Mini Cooper Countryman formerly UK registered, with brand new Spanish "KPG" plates fitted. We had to change both the front headlights and rear reverse and fog light units on this model before import - September 2018Hyundai iX35 from Switzerland passes it's import test first time and is now on it's way to being registered as a Spanish vehicle. The customer will have to pay custom's duty as part of the import process - September 2018 
Hyundai iX35 at test centreJaguar XF outside ITV White Jaguar XF Coupe
Hyundai iX35 currently registered on Swiss plates begins it's import test. The engineers use this vehicle to test out the new diagnostic equipment that will be used on all Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles from the following Monday as per new regulations that have just been introduced - September 2018Jaguar XF Coupe currently registered in the United Kingdom, passes it's import test first time and will soon become a Spanish registered vehicle. We realigned headlights and had the window laminates certified and stamped for use in Spain as part of the import process  - September 2018Jaguar XF Coupe begins it's import test on the weigh scale at ITV test centre. Our engineers realigned the headlights on this vehicle prior to test and carried out a free pre-import check which covers every aspect of the import test, ensuring that a first time pass is acheived - September 2018 
Jaguar XF with bonnet upLandrover Defender at ITVAudi A5 Cabrio
Jaguar XF Coupe is being inspected at the start of it's import test in Murcia Region as two of the ITV bosses look on. The test engineers are checking the vehicle identiication and data plates to ensure the vehicle conforms to it's original specification when new - September 2018Landrover Defender previously registered in Spain but now on UK plates passes it's import test after undergoing a rigorous inspection which will allow it to be imported back on to Spanish plates. Many re-imports can be complicated and this vehicle was no exception - September 2018 Audi A5 Convertible with brand new acrylic Spanish plates fitted at customer's home in the Murcia Region. We supplied and fitted temporary import plates for this vehicle as well as realigning the headlights to ensure that it passed the import test first time - September 2018

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