Image Gallery - July 2018

Ford Mondeo at ITV stationEngineer at ITV testFord Mondeo at ITV test centre
Ford Mondeo from Malaga region parked on weighscale with engineer at the start of it's ITV import test in Murcia - July 2018.ITV engineer makes etching of stamped chassis number, located under the driver's side carpet, during import test on Ford Mondeo - July 2018Ford Modeo from Malaga passes it's ITV import test in Murcia. We supplied and fitted headlights and carried out free pre-ITV import check prior to test  - July 2018.
Ford Focus CCBlack Ford FocusJaguar X Type with green import plates
Just imported... Ford Focus Coupe Convertible which had an engine fault rectified by our workshop prior to passing retest - July 2018.Ford Focus Titanium with new Spanish number plates. This customer and his wife received matching registration numbers (see left) - July 2018Jaguar X Type with expired UK MOT receives new temporary import plates that allow vehicle to be driven legally on Spanish roads to facilitate import - July 2018.
Vauxhall Astra EstateBlue Saab with new reg platesVauxhall Corsa changing reg plates
Brand new "KND" registration plates fitted to customer's imported 2014 Vauxhall Astra Estate in Benidorm area - July 2018.Stunning blue Saab Convertible with it's new Spanish number plates fitted at the customer's home in Alicante region - July 2018Vauxhall Corsa formerly registered in UK with brand new Spanish registration plates being fitted at our workshop - July 2018.
Landrover DefenderSpanish Number PlatesToyota Avensis
Landrover Defender with modifications about to be inspected by our homologations engineer - July 2018.The last of the "KMZ" number plates... at 0000 KMZ the letter suffix will change to KNB - July 2018Toyota Avensis having a final polish before being re-delivered to customer in Malaga region - July 2018.
Mercedes C200 Import MurciaMercedes C200 import
Citroen C4 Crosser with it's new Spanish registration plates just fitted - July 2018.Mercedes C200 K passes it's test with new headlights fitted and rear fog light rewired - July 2018.UK registered Mercedes C200 K on the weigh scale at the start of it's importation test - July 2018.
Ford Explorer - USA importRenault Megane HeadlightPorsche 911 Carrera
Ex USA Ford Explorer arrives at our engineer's office in Murcia, Spain - July 2018.Renault Megane at our workshop in Murcia, checking headlights as part of free pre-ITV check - July 2018.Stunning Porsche 911 Carrera 2 from Malaga passes import test with simple fog light rewire - July 2018.
Porsche 911 Carrera 2New Plates fitted to Peugeot 206ccITV Windscreen Sticker
UK registered Porsche 911 Carrera 2 starts import test - July 2018New Spanish number plates fitted at customer's house on Peugeot 206cc imported in their absence - July 2018Lexus SC430 with new ITV windscreen sticker fitted, having just passed it's import test - July 2018
Mercedes SLK 230 with headlightsBMW Z4 at workshopMercedes SLK outside test centre
New left hand drive headlights about to be fitted to Mercedes SLK 230 at our workshop - July 2018BMW Z4 previously registered in Switzerland and now on temporary import plates has new lightbulb fitted with our compliments - July 2018Immaculate Mercedes SLK230 passes ITV import test in Murcia, new headlights and fog light rewired for Spanish roads - July 2018
BMW Z4 at ITV Test CentreBMW X1Ford Galaxy
BMW Z4 on temporary import plates passes ITV import test and will now be registered on to Spanish plates - July 2018BMW X1 with new Spanish number plates just fitted at customer's home in Xavea - July 2018Ford Galaxy delivered to customer in Benidorm with it's new Spanish registration plates fitted - July 2018
Mercedes SLKRear Brake Light RepairAudi A4 Cabrio
Mercedes SLK transported from UK, imported by us and now on way to customer's house with new Spanish plates already fitted - July 2018Repair to centrally mounted break light at our workshop on Audi A4 that we imported for customer from Calpe - July 2018Audi A4 Cabriolet having rear light clusters re-wired prior to ITV import test in Murcia, Spain - July 2018
Audi A4 convertibleAudi A4 Cabrio at ITV Test CentreFord Focus CC at ITV Test Centre
Audi A4 Cabrio with front headlights removed so that we can realign on to a flat beam pattern for European continental driving - July 2018Audi A4 waiting to be tested at ITV test station in Murcia, Spain. We realigned the headlights, rewired rear lights for Europe and fixed brake light issue - July 2018Ford Focus CC passes it's import test. We changed headlights, fixed an engine management issue and had to resolve another issue with the stamped chassis number - July 2018 
Ford Focus Sport at ITV Test CentreFord Focus in queue at ITVVauxhall Zafira with new plates fitted
Ford Focus Sport passes ITV test after we re-aligned headlights and rewired rear light cluster. Customer's wife's Ford Focus convertible passed it's import test the day before - July 2018UK registered Ford Focus waiting to begin ITV import test. Our  customer came to our local test centre where we tested his vehicle and he drove away within the hour with his ITV import test pass certificate  - July 2018We finished the importation on this Vauxhall Zafira whilst our customer was in the UK. As soon as they arrived back in Spain we went to their villa to fit the new Spanish registration plates to the vehicle - July 2018 
Ford Focus over pit at ITVMercedes CLS 320Mercedes CLS-320
Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet being inspected during an import test whilst over inspection pit. We had to rectify a couple of issues and vehicle was subsequently retested successfully - July 2018Mercedes CLS-320 Coupe on temporary import plates is now ready for ITV import test, having had the headlights re-aligned and polished at our workshop - July 2018 UK registered Mercedes CLS-320 breezes through it's ITV import test first time, whilst on temporary import plates which allowed the owner to drive the vehicle for 60 days, before and during importation - July 2018

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