Image Gallery - August 2018

Mercedes C230 at ITVCitroen Xsara Picasso at workshopVauxhall Astra on Spanish plates
Mercedes C230 on Jersey registration plates waits to be inspected at the ITV test centre. The import test is similar to a UK MOT but also examines the vehicle in more detail to ensure that it matches the European Type Approval that the vehicle was issued when manufactured  - August 2018 Citroen Xsara Picasso receives it's new acrylic Spanish number plates within 8 days of our customer first contacting us to see if we would be able to import their vehicle more quickly than the 3 weeks plus that they were quoted elsewhere. We arranged an appointment for the very next day - August 2018Vauxhall Astra estate has it's old UK registration plates swapped for new Spanish number plates, at our workshop in Murcia. We'd replaced the headlights, one rear light assembly, removed the tow bar and replaced a suspension cross beam on this vehicle as part of our service - August 2018
Peugeot 207 at ITV test centrePeugeot 207 headlights litMini One Cabrio with Spanish Plates
Peugeot 207 passes it's import re-test once we have carefully cleaned and restored the rusted stamped chassis number that is found on the vehicle bulkhead. Re-tests are free for 60 days at our test centre which allows plenty of time to get things sorted, but we only needed 3½ hours for this particular job - August 2018 Peugeot 207 on UK registration plates is inspected during ITV import test. Our technicians spent several hours carefully cleaning up and restoring the very badly rusted, stamped chassis number on this vehicle at our workshop as there is a basic requirement that all 17 digits must be fully legible - August 2018Mini One has new KNV registration plates fitted at our workshop in Murcia. Our customer chose brand new acrylic number plates instead of the pressed metal ones that have been the norm in Spain for many years. One of our staff explained the paperwork whilst the plates were fitted to the vehicle - August 2018
Mini One with new number platesWhite Range Rover EvoqueSaab in queue at ITV station
Mini One, formerly UK registered is about to have it's new "KNV" acrylic registration plates fitted at our workshop in Murcia, whilst we hand over and explain the new Spanish vehicle documentation. We also found very competitive insurance for this customer - August 2018 Range Rover Evoque without European Type Approval is about to have initial inspection / review from our homologations engineer at our ITV test centre. The vehicle later had a full Individual Homologation Test and is in the process of being imported on to Spanish number plates  - August 2018Saab 9-3 on Swedish plates waits in line for import test in Murcia. We fixed a broken exhaust, removed the tow bar and had the window laminates certified on this vehicle prior to testing to ensure that the vehicle complied with all import requirements  - August 2018
Toolbox with new plates for Audi A5Renault Megane with new platesJaguar X-Type with Spanish Plates
New front number plate about to be fitted to Audi A5 Coupe in Xávea, Spain. We realigned the headlights on this vehicle before successful import test in Murcia. We delivered the vehicle to our customer's hotel in Murcia city centre the same evening as the test.  - August 2018 - read customer review... Renault Megane receives new "KNS" number plates as soon as our customer arrives back in Spain from the UK. We'd replaced the headlights and rewired the rear reverse and fog lights before it's successful import test. We also changed a broken radiator and re-gassed the air con at the customer's request  - August 2018Jaguar X-Type has brand new acrilic Spanish registration plates fitted at their property in Benidorm, Spain. We'd fitted temporary import plates, adjusted headlights and fixed an engine management problem before delivering vehicle back to the customer - August 2018 - read customer review... 
New Spanish Registration DocsSpanish Number PlatesFord Explorer with engineers
A selection of new Spanish Registration Documents ready to be delivered to customers in various regions of Spain, including Alicante, Murcia, Valencia, Granada and Malaga. All customers will receive a full explanation of the paperwork, how road tax works in Spain along with legal requirements - August 2018The latest "KNT" Spanish registration plates made up and ready to be fitted to customers' vehicles. There will be 10,000 number plates for this suffix before it changes to KNV. The number plates themselves are always included in our pricing and we offer customers a choice of either acrilic or metal finish - August 2018Ford Explorer SUV originally from USA but now registered on UK plates is inspected by two engineers at a workshop in Alicante area at the start of it's Individual Homologation test. This test is required because the vehicle does not have European Type Approval - August 2018
Citroen Xsara Picasso outside ITVAudi A5 Cabrio outside ITV test centreAudi A5 below ITV sign
Citroen Xsara Picasso passes it's test at our ITV test centre in Murcia. The customer contacted us on a Sunday to arrange a test for Monday lunchtime and we we're able to accommodate even at short notice, including provision of all technical paperwork required to import  - August 2018Audi A5 Convertible from Murcia region passes it's ITV test first time. We'd previously arranged temporary import plates for this vehicle as it's UK MOT and tax had both expired. This allowed our customer to drive his car legally on Spanish roads before and after ITV import test  - August 2018Audi A5 Cabrio waits in line to be tested for import at ITV in Murcia. We collected this vehicle, adjusted headlights, carried out free pre-import ITV inspection at our workshop and delivered back to our customer the same day, along with the ITV import pass certificate - August 2018
Range Rover at Spanish ITVVW Beetle Cabrio at ITVMercedes ML320 at ITV
Range Rover Sport from Cadiz region, on UK plates passes Spanish import test at our test centre in Murcia. Our engineers prepared all the technical documentation in advance to ensure that there was no delay with the test and import process - August 2018VW Beetle on temporary German export plates passes it's test first time without any changes from us. The customer purchased the vehicle just a few days earlier and drove straight to Spain with all the correct paperwork which we verified in advance, including European Certificate of Conformity - August 2018Mercedes ML320 from Malaga region passes ITV import test in Murcia. This customer came to us for a quick turnaround service and we started work straightaway, re-aligning headlights, rewiring rear lights, changing tyres, service, air con and more - August 2018
Golden Retriever in Mercedes MLMercedes ML import testVW Beetle at ITV
Our new friend Alfie in his Mercedes ML-320, about to head off back home to Malaga with his Import Test Pass Certificate. We serviced his car and fixed the air conditioning for him so that he'd be more comfortable on the return journey home - August 2018Mercedes ML-320 from Malaga region about to begin import test. We adjusted headlights, rewired rear lenses, supplied & fitted 4 brand new Goodyear tyres, re-gassed the air con and serviced this vehicle, before delivering back to the customer 24 hours later. Test passed and a free valet with our compliments - August 2018Volkswagen Beetle on weigh scale whilst ITV import technician makes a note of the tyre sizes to ensure compliance with the both Spanish and European regulations.  The vehicle had just arrived from Germany the day before - August 2018
VW Beetle outside ITVRange Rover Sport on rolling roadRange Rover Sport in ITV
VW Beetle on temporary German export plates waits in queue to be tested. The customer and his wife drove the 2268km to their home in Valencia region, rested for a day and brought the car to us for testing the day after - August 2018Range Rover Sport from Cadiz having rear brakes tested . The customer drove up to us because his MOT was about to run out and he wanted to ensure his vehicle was registered on to Spanish plates as quickly as possible - August 2018Range Rover Sport from Cadiz region about to start ITV test at our local test centre. We didn't have to change headlights on this vehicle as they had already been changed to flat beam for driving in continental Europe  - August 2018
Ford Focus at ITVFord Focus Headlight CheckFord Focus with headlights out
Ford Focus passes test first time at our test centre in Murcia. We supplied and fitted new headlights and rear reverse and fog light lenses for this vehicle and returned all to the customer for them to sell / keep for the future - August 2018Ford Focus with new European spec. headlights installed which are being checked and aligned at our workshop prior to subsequent import test later that day. We also supplied, fitted and recabled rear fog / reverse light lenses  - August 2018Ford Focus with headlights removed at our workshop in Murcia. We'll clean, check, change and replace headlamp and indicator bulbs before refitting and aligning the lights to ensure they are perfect for ITV import test - August 2018
Mini Cooper S at ITVMini at ITV stationMini Cooper S at ITV test
Mini Cooper S passes it's import test first time at ITV in Murcia region. The vehicle isn't needed again until we fit the new number plates and go through the paperwork when registered the following week - August 2018Mini Cooper S from Benidorm is being weighed at the start of it's import test in Murcia. We'd previously arranged temporary import plates for this vehicle as the UK MOT had expired - August 2018Mini Cooper S start ITV test by being weighed to ensure that the vehicle weight is as specified by it's European Type Approval number. Everything is checked against this specification to ensure conformity - August 2018
Jaguar passes ITV import testJaguar X Type in workshopJaguar X Type with green plates
Jaguar X-Type on temporary green plates passes it's import test at first attempt. We realigned the headlights and replaced 2 sensors on this vehicle prior to import test - August 2018Jaguar X-Type has two very difficult to reach sensors installed at our workshop prior to successful ITV import test. We sourced the "almost new" sensors from a breakers to help keep costs down for our customer - August 2018ITV technician inspects temporary import plates (also known as "placas verdes" on Jaguar X-Type at the start of ITV import test in Murcia, Spain. We fixed an engine management issue on this vehicle for our client - August 2018
Audi A4 Cabrio at ITV test centreAudi A4 with new batteryFiat Freemont leaves ITV station
Audi A4 Cabriolet currently registered in the UK, passes ITV importation test and will soon be registered on to Spanish plates. The owner is flying in to Murcia next week to take the vehicle over to Mallorca - August 2018Audi A4 Cabriolet has a very heavy new battery fitted requiring two mechanics to complete installation. We also realigned headlights, rewired and adapted rear fog light and supplied 4 new tyres - August 2018Fiat Freemont with Belgian number plates passes Spanish import test. We had to fix a fuel leak that the owner was unaware of before a successful ITV import retest - August 2018
Vehicles in a rowBlue Mercedes C200KTechnician working in rear of vehicle
A range of vehicles being prepared for import test, including Ford Focus, Jaguar X-Type, Audi A4 Saloon, Audi A4 Cabriolet and Fiat Freemont 7 Seater  - August 2018Mercedes C200K has new Spanish number plates fitted at customer's home in Mazarron, Spain. We changed headlights and serviced this vehicle prior to import test  - August 2018One of our vehicle technicians stamps and certifies aftermarket tinted window laminates on people carrier prior to successful ITV import test on vehicle from Malaga region - August 2018
Hyundai i800 with doors openHyundai i800 on rampAudi A5 Coupe at Car Wash
Hyundai i800 with new headlights installed by our workshop, parked on weighing platform waiting for the start of the import test. The vehicle was delivered to our customer in Malaga the next day - August 2018Hyundai i800 people carrier from Malaga region on elevator ramp at our workshop, about to have headlights changed for driving on right hand side of road - August 2018Audi A5, import test passed, washed and ready for delivery to customer's hotel in Murcia. Our engineer's amended the headlights on this vehicle prior to successful import test - August 2018 
ITV import technicial measuring axleAudi A5 at ITV stationFiat Freemont at ITV station
ITV technician measures rear axle width on UK registered Vauxhall Estate towards the end of the import test. This vehicle passed first time after we'd changed headlights, one rear light unit and removed tow bar - August 20182015 Audi A5 passes it's import test first time. We manually adjusted the headlights on this vehicle prior to test and later delivered the vehicle to our customer's  hotel in Murcia city - August 2018Fiat Freemont 7 Seater registered on Belgian plates begins it's import test. Two engineers are working on this vehicle which is being weighed to ensure it conforms with it's European Type Approval specification - August 2018 
Mechanic removes seal on light unitMechanic looking at rear light unitAudi A5 in workshop
Another of our mechanics removes the seal on old rear right hand fog light unit, before fitting on to the replacement reverse light unit that we supplied to our customer at trade pricing - August 2018Vauxhall Astra undergoing essential pre-ITV work prior to same day test for customer from Valencia region. This vehicle need one new rear lens unit and removal of tow bar before import inspection - August 2018 Audi A5 with headlight removed at our workshop in Murcia to allow realignment to flat beam pattern for continental European roads. The vehicle passed it's import test the same day - August 2018

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