Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register my vehicle?

EU law states that a car must be registered where the vehicle is normally kept and that it must also be taxed and insured in that country. If you spend time in both the UK and Spain, you are only legally entitled to drive the vehicle for 182 consecutive days.

How long does it take to register my vehicle?

Once your vehicle has passed it's ITV test it will take about 7 days to complete registration although you will still be able to use your vehicle during this time. Do however allow for local and national fiesta days.

What do I get with my registration?

When your vehicle has been changed over to Spanish Number Plates you'll receive the following:

  • Spanish Registration Document
  • ITV Card (similar to UK MOT Certificate)
  • ITV Windscreen Sticker
  • Receipt for Import Tax (or certificate of exemption)
  • Receipt for Road Tax
  • New Spanish Registration Plates


How long do you need my vehicle?

We'll usually only need your vehicle for a maximum of 2-3 hours for the engineer's inspection and ITV. You're welcome to accompany us to the ITV Station if you like. Once your vehicle has completed this step you can legally drive it on the Spanish roads.

What if my car fails the ITV Test?

It's a really good idea to check common test items as you would for an MOT in the UK, such as tyres, lights, dashboard lights, windscreen wipers and seatbelts etc, but it's not the end of the world if your vehicle fails it's ITV test as you get 60 days to sort any out any failed items.

Do ITV Testing Stations fix cars too?

No. All ITV testing centres in Spain are government agencies and just carry out the ITV Tests. They don't quote for work and don't carry out any repairs, which has the possible benefit that they won't be tempted to be too strict on the test to obtain repair work. If you do find that you need a quote for repairs, we'd be happy to recommend some good garages to you.

Will I need to change my headlights?

If you have a right hand drive car then you will almost certainly have to change your car headlights to comply with Spanish ITV requirements. Headlamp stickers are not acceptable and will result in your car failing it's MOT. Virtually all cars require this change. If you have any doubts, do please ask us about your vehicle. If your car has only one rear fog light then this must be on the left hand side of the vehicle. If you need this adaption we can quote you for this or put you in touch with a cheap, friendly workshop.

Please Note: We are specialists in headlamp realignment and can realign your existing headlights for much less than the cost of brand new or even second hand replacement units.


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